Because hard work needs to be rewarded

uRewards: The employee rewards platform designed for small and midsize businesses.
End Expensive Experimenting

No need to risk big money to test drive a rewards platform. We built our platform so that your investment goes directly to your employees. No contracts, no fees, no strings attached.

Your Values

It's always easier to succeed on familiar ground. Our platform seamlessly adopts your company's values, goals, and branding.

In the Moment

Recognition is best when it is relevant and timely. Urewards makes prompt recognition a snap.

Simple Self-Management

Simple means just that: easy to use technology, five minute program setup, and minimal maintenance.

You get a world-class rewards program, not a second job.

Set Budgets, Monitor Results.

You decide your reward-point investment and thresholds.

One-click reporting provides the insights you need to fine-tune your programs.

A trusted recognition partner to some of the world's best companies

Take the first step to recognize your team